I am a strategic advisor, author, and columnist. During a 35-year career in urban development I created Reinvestment Fund, one of the nation’s most effective community investment institutions, chaired the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and provided strategic advice to philanthropies, universities, and private companies.

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Dec 23

Trump and The City: Infrastructure

Infrastructure was a persistent theme of Donald Trump’s campaign. He claimed, with some justification, that America’s roads, bridges, ports, waterways and airports were no longer first rate. And he promised to invest a trillion dollars into infrastructure—twice as much as Hillary Clinton proposed. But the difference in their plans was not so much the amount, but how resources were to be delivered, including the role of government versus the private sector.

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What is Creative Placemaking?

The term creative placemaking has been used in cultural affairs, planning, public policy, and philanthropy during the past several years. It is not a common term although it is becoming more widely used. It refers to the use of art and cultural projects as organizing perspectives through which the restoration and reanimation of communities can be planned and implemented. Above all, a creative place engages people in ways that lead to the social and economic re-positioning of a community.

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I work with family offices, philanthropies, universities, and private companies to chart strategy. I especially love working at the intersection of market discipline and public purpose.

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