Over the years I have published articles and book chapters on a very wide array of subjects including development finance, housing policy, and creativity. My latest publication was on community development financial institutions, which I authored for the Opportunity Finance Network.

The Fragility of Growth in a Post-Industrial City

The Fragility of Growth in a Post-Industrial City Jeremy Nowak After decades of decline, there are bright spots for several of America’s older industrial cities in the Northeast and Midwest. The 2010 Census and subsequent data from the American Community Survey demonstrate a tapering of population loss, and in a few instances, a slight population recovery for perennial population losers (W. Frey 2013). Recent urban population recovery should be tempered by the fact that cities continue to be major sites of concentrated poverty (Kneebone, Nadeau, and Berube 2011).

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CDFI Futures: An Industry at a Crossroads

Every disruptive industry eventually faces a milestone moment that can pivot it to new levels and greater impact. Today, the CDFI industry is at such a crossroads. How it pivots is up to all of us.

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Civic Lesson: How CDFIs Can Apply Market

This paper has four parts. The first section discusses three social and economic trends that influence poverty alleviation policies and strategies. The second section argues that as a result of these trends, we need new kinds of civic institutions that can maximize the connections between regional economic growth and low-income households.

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Creativity and Neighborhood Development

Creativity and Neighborhood Development is a publication of The Reinvestment Fund (TRF) resulting from collaboration with the Social Impact of the Arts Project (SIAP) at the University of Pennsylvania.

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What is Creative Placemaking?

The term creative placemaking has been used in cultural affairs, planning, public policy, and philanthropy during the past several years. It is not a common term although it is becoming more widely used. It refers to the use of art and cultural projects as organizing perspectives through which the restoration and reanimation of communities can be planned and implemented. Above all, a creative place engages people in ways that lead to the social and economic re-positioning of a community.

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Retooling for Growth

Slow job growth, declining home values, a diminishing tax base, and concentrated poverty are but a few of the growing obstacles for well-established but struggling cities. Challenged by decades of globalization, technological change, and dramatic demographic shifts away from the urban core, these former industrial powerhouses, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest, have been eclipsed by burgeoning American cities with a viable niche in the new economy.

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